The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has a responsibility to provide immunization services and protect clients from vaccine preventable diseases.

"The impact of immunization on the health of the world's people would be hard to exaggerate. With the exception of safe water, no other intervention, not even antibiotics, has had such a major effect on mortality reduction and population growth" (p1). Childhood immunization is one of the great success stories of public health.  Vaccines are safe and cost-effective, and they are crucial to public health by efficiently preventing sickness and death from infectious diseases. (Source: Plotkin, S. L., & Plotkin, S. A. (2004). A short history of vaccination. In S. A. Plotkin & W. A. Orenstein (Eds.), Vaccines (pp. 1-16). Philadelphia, PA: Elselvier.


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Canadian Immunization Guide

Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals in Canada

Competence and Authority to Immunize

Opportunity for Immunization in all Health Care Settings

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG)

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