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Language Access Interpreter Services

Language Access currently employs trained health interpreters providing face-to-face interpreter services in 36 languages.

The Language Access interpreters also provide other language services.

Why should I request a trained, qualified interpreter?

For PEACE of mind for you and your patient, client, resident.

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Is there a regional policy on interpreter services?

Yes, a regional policy exists. Please see Corporate Interpreter Service Policy – Language Access 10.40.210

What type of qualifications do the WRHA Language Access Interpreters have?

Language Access Interpreters meet a number of employment criteria, including language proficiency and interpreter skill requirements. They must also successfully complete WRHA Language Access Interpreter Training, and perform their duties in accordance with the WRHA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

What if a patient/client/resident wants his/her family member or friend to interpret instead?

There are concerns regarding untrained interpreters. Risks include interpretation inaccuracies, and incomplete information. There are also issues surrounding privacy and impartiality. It's important to evaluate the risks to the patient/client/resident if the information relayed is not accurate. Ultimately, individuals have the right to decline the services of WRHA qualified interpreters. However, in order to best ensure patient safety and quality care, the WRHA reserves the right to have a  WRHA qualified interpreter to monitor the quality of these ad hoc interpretations.

How can I ensure that confidentiality is upheld with interpreter services provided by Language Access?

The WRHA Language Access in-person interpreters are employees who have signed a confidentiality pledge, and like all employees, are expected to adhere to strict privacy requirements. The over-the-phone interpreter services provided by our external contractor, MCIS Language Solutions, are also bound by confidentiality requirements.

Can a WRHA qualified interpreter decline a request?

Yes. Interpreters must decline assignments when there is a perceived or real conflict of interest, and should decline any assignment for which they feel inadequately prepared, qualified or trained.

How is WRHA Language Access related to other language and interpreter services in Winnipeg healthcare facilities?

WRHA Language Access Interpreter Services complements existing language services of WRHA Indigenous Health; works in partnership with WRHA French Language Services to provide critical interpretations when designated bilingual staff are not available to provide direct service, or at sites where there are no designated bilingual staff; collaborates with Kivalliq Inuit Services, and E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence – ECCOE (provides visual language interpreting for Deaf persons and interveners for Deaf-Blind persons).

How do I request a WRHA qualified interpreter?

You can request the services of a WRHA qualified interpreter for any language 24/7 by calling the Language Access central intake line at 204-788-8585 or by fax (non-Indigenous spoken languages only).

Also see the interpreter services flow chart

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