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Over-the-Phone Interpreter Services

To reduce risks associated with language barriers and working with untrained interpreters (family members, friends, visitors, staff, or volunteers), WRHA Language Access employs trained, accredited interpreters who provide interpreter services in a variety of languages.

However, it is impossible to provide an in-person interpreter for every situation. In order to provide a more complete range of services, Language Access has a formal contract with MCIS Language Solutions* to provide over-the-phone interpretation in over 200 languages 24/7 when a WRHA Language Access trained health interpreter is unavailable.

For most situations, over-the-phone services must be pre-authorized with a specific client ID number and a unique single-use authorization code, and are arranged by Language Access @ 204-788-8585.

However, due to the urgent nature of situations in Emergency Departments, ER staff have been granted pre-authorized direct access to MCIS Language Solutions.

If you have further questions about over-the-phone interpretation send a message to languageaccess@wrha.mb.ca.

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