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Physician/Clinical Assistant Welcome Package

Welcome and congratulations on your new position with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The following links and documents comprise your benefits package as a employee with the WRHA. 

As a new employee in the WRHA you will need to complete the following forms for both payroll and benefits.

Please Note: All enrolment forms for benefits must be submitted within 30 days of employment. Enrolment forms must be returned to:

HR Shared Services
300 Carlton Street – 5th flr
Winnipeg MB R3B 2K6

The forms need to be returned within 30 days of employment as some of the benefits are effective from the date of hire and contributions will need to be collected retroactively to your date of hire and deducted from your payroll in a lump sum. If you do not complete the enrolment form you will be automatically enrolled in the default benefits. (Please note that many of these forms will require your employee number which in some cases may not be issued to you until you have started your employment).

Failure to complete and return your forms will result in restrictions to your benefits. e.g. If you are requesting to waive your benefits due to alternate coverage you will NOT be permitted to waive your coverage.

If you have questions or need assistance with the completion of the forms please email HRSharedservices@wrha.mb.ca or call 204-940-8500. 

Aboriginal Voluntary Self DeclarationIf applicable – return to HR Shared Services
OESH Cover MemoFor information only
OESH Health QuestionnaireReturn to applicable OESH office
Immunization & Communicable Disease RecordReturn to applicable OESH office
WRHA Conflict of Interest PolicyFor information only – Read before signing Conflict of Interest Declaration
WRHA Industry Relationships PolicyFor information only
WRHA Confidentiality PolicyFor information only
WRHA Conflict of Interest DeclarationReturn to HR Shared Services
Payroll Forms/LinksAction
WRHA Direct Deposit FormReturn to HR Shared Services
Benefit Enrolment Forms/LinksAction
HEB FTE Benefits PackageReturn to HR Shared Services

It is important to note that many of these enrolment forms require your employee ID which may have not yet been issued to you at the time of your start date. Please wait to receive your ID number before returning the forms to HR Shared Services.

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