Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are French Language Services?

  • Mission

    The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is committed to providing French Language Services to the French-speaking community. French Language Services:

    • provides information and resources in French;
    • responds to issues of interest and concern;
    • focuses on the Active Offer of services in French;
    • increases staff awareness about needs of the French-speaking community;
    • collaborates with Francophone community representatives; and
    • facilitates changes to improve the quality of services provided.
  • Where are the services in French offered at the WRHA?   

    Services are offered at a variety of facilities, programs, services and agencies of the WRHA covering primary care, community health services, tertiary care and long-term care. They are available in areas where the French-speaking population is concentrated, however they may also represent single site, or regional services. A full list of designated bilingual facilities, programs, services and agencies can be viewed here.

  • What does it mean to be a designated BILINGUAL facility, program, service or agency?

It means they are required to provide key services in both official languages. The internal working language, however, is English. While not all services can be offered in French, those that are deemed essential will be. They follow and respect the Active Offer and the five WRHA French Language Service policies. Within these facilities, specific positions are designated as bilingual. Employees holding designated positions are required to actively offer services in French to their patients and clients. 

  • What does it mean to be a designated FRANCOPHONE facility?

    Francophone facilities provide all services in both official languages and their internal working language is French. Centre de santé Saint-Boniface and Foyer Valade are the two francophone facilities within the WRHA.

  • What is an Active Offer?

    It is an offer of services in French, ensuring that such services are evident, readily available, and easily accessible and of comparable quality to those offered in English. A few of the many elements of Active Offer include bilingual greetings - in person and by telephone, bilingual signage, staff wearing pins etc. identifying their bilingual status, and bilingual education materials, bilingual correspondence, bilingual websites, etc.