Frequently Asked Questions

4. Testing and French Courses

  • Why do you test people?

    There are various levels of fluency in languages. Some people can communicate on a basic level in French in simple situations; others can communicate at extremely high levels in French in complex, stressful situations. Candidates are tested to ensure their level of French matches the needs required (linguistic profile) of the position. Some positions require higher levels of fluency than others.

  • I’ve been tested by the federal/provincial government.  Can you use those results?

    No. Their testing system is not the same as the one used at the WRHA, which was developed specifically for use within a health care environment.

  • Can I be tested by the WRHA?

    Employees who have applied for designated bilingual positions have their French formally tested as part of the regular recruitment process. We understand that some employees have hesitated to apply for DBPs or to use French with their clients and patients because they are unsure of their linguistic abilities. FLS now offers INFORMAL FRENCH ASSESSMENTS. Any French-speaking employee of the WRHA who is not currently working in a designated bilingual position and has not been tested by FLS in the past can be assessed on their speaking and listening skills. This normally takes approximately 15 minutes. Employees will be assessed against the levels of proficiency currently used in the WRHA. To schedule your appointment call: Angèle Matyi at:  204-237-2889 or email We are located at St. Boniface Hospital in Room A1153.

  • Please note: These informal assessments are for your information and purposes only.  Results are confidential. If you ever chose to apply for a Designated Bilingual Position, you would be required to go through the formal testing process as required by the WRHA FLS Recruitment to Designated Bilingual Positions policy.
  • Can I take French courses?

    Two programs are available to employees for French Language Training. Program 1 is geared to full-time employees working in client/patient contact positions for designated bilingual or francophone facilities, programs, services or agencies. Program 2 offers French Language training to employees who don't meet the criteria for Program 1. For more information please go to WRHA French Language Training link below.

  • I hear some people HAVE to take French courses. Why? [Note]**

    Some employees hired into designated bilingual positions do not have the full fluency required of the position, at their time of hiring. If they have an intermediate level of French, they can be hired, if they agree to attend language upgrading classes until they meet the required level.

  • Notes

    * Some facilities use different terminology.  Francophone facilities do not designate positions.

    ** Does not apply to certain non-devolved facilities or funded agencies.

    *** The internal working language is French at Centre de santé Saint-Boniface and Actionmarguerite, due to their designated francophone status.