Frequently Asked Questions

5. Other

  • I feel excluded when people talk French around me.

    The working language of the WRHA is English *** [Note] However, it is very difficult to function in a second language when you are surrounded by English all the time.  Employees in designated positions often need to create situations to use their French to keep their language skills sharp. They are encouraged to do so as long as it does not exclude their colleagues within the normal course of their work, i.e. side conversations during staff meetings, etc.

  • Why all the emphasis on French when there are so many other patients and clients that speak other languages? English and French are the two official languages of Canada and as such have special status when it comes to government services. The WRHA acknowledges that many other languages are requested or needed to provide appropriate health care services to clients/patients from other language constituencies. In recognition of these needs, other language services are provided within the Winnipeg Health Region by the WRHA Aboriginal Health Program, Kivalliq Inuit Services, WRHA Language Access, and E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence (provides ASL/English Interpreter services and intervenors for persons who are Deaf-Blind). For more information, visit the WRHA Aboriginal Health program and WRHA Language Access websites.
  • Why is this FAQ only in English?

    The working language of the WRHA is English*** [Note] and as such, general internal documents produced for WRHA staff are always in English. 

  • I still have questions about all of this, what do I do?

    You may wish to speak to your supervisor for additional information. You can also check out the FLS website. All five FLS policies are posted and reading these may answer your questions. If you still require information, please send us an email at:

  • Notes

    * Some facilities use different terminology.  Francophone facilities do not designate positions.

    ** Does not apply to certain non-devolved facilities or funded agencies.

    *** The internal working language is French at Centre de santé Saint-Boniface and Actionmarguerite, due to their designated francophone status.