Medical Staff Administrative Services Templates

1. WRHA/UofM GFT Documents

GFT Letter of Offer (LOO)

GFT Letter of Understanding (LOU)

Salary Distribution Sheet (SDS)

PRA Specialist Letter

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2. WRHA Independent Contracts

Independent Physician Contract (IC)

Medical Corporation Contract (MC-IC)

Medical Remuneration Contract Summary (MRCS)

Amending Agreement (AA)

Locum Tenens Independent Contract (IC)

Locum Tenens Medical Corporation Contract (MC-IC)

3. WRHA Early Termination Forms

Early Termination Individual by consent and due to becoming MC

Early Termination MC by Consent and due to becoming new MC

4. Flow Process for the contract documents

Approval & Contract Flow Sheet

Contracting Flow Process

5. Role Description & Statement of Deliverables

Role Description

Statement of Deliverables

6. Request to Recruit

Request to Recruit (R2R)

Appendix for Request to Recruit

7. Request to Engage

Request to Engage (R2E)

8. Guidelines and Flow Process for Request to Recruit

R2R Process Flow

Guidelines for Completing Request to Recruit

To R2R or Not

Memo for GFT Recruitment

9. Application Specialist Recruitment Fund and Physician Resettlement Fund

Application for Specialist Recruitment and Physician Resettlement Fund - Under Review. New guidelines and form to be distributed soon.

10. Request for Medical Remuneration Additions/Changes

Request for Medical Remuneration Additions/Changes

WRHA Physician/Clinical Assistant Proposal