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WRHA Diet Compendium - Index 2018

Executive Summaries
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Standard                                                                          Diet and Food Preferences
Standard (Regular 18-69 y/o)                                            No Strawberry and Raspberry
Standard (Regular 70+)                                                     No Tomato
Perinatal                                                                             Vegan
Six Small Meals                                                                  Lacto-Vegetarian
Fluids                                                                               Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian
No Fluid on Tray                                                                Pesco-Vegetarian
Restricted Fluid – 500 mL                                                  Pollo-Vegetarian
Restricted Fluid – 750 mL
Restricted Fluid – 1000 mL                                               Feeding & Swallowing Management
Restricted Fluid – 1250 mL                                               Texture Modifications
Restricted Fluid – 1500 mL                                               Soft
Restricted Fluid – 1750 mL                                               Soft/Minced
Clear Fluid                                                                         Minced
                                                                                          Total Minced
Carbohydrate Modifications                                          Total Minced/Pureed (Non-Compendium)
Controlled Carbohydrate                                                   Pureed
Controlled Carbohydrate/HS Snack                                 Blenderized
                                                                                          Viscosity Modifications
Mineral Modifications                                                     Moderately (Level 3) / Honey Thick
< 100 mmol Sodium                                                           Mildly (Level 2) / Nectar Thick
< 90 mmol Sodium                                                             No Fluids Combined with Solids
50-60 mmol Potassium                                                      
High Potassium                                                                 Food Allergies
1000 mg/32 mmol Phosphorus                                         Egg
Low Copper                                                                       Fish & Shellfish
                                                                                          Milk Protein
Fat Modifications                                                            Peanut
Controlled Fat                                                                   Tree Nuts
                                                                                          Sesame/Mustard Seed
Protein Modifications                                                     Wheat
Controlled Protein – 40 gram                                            Limited Standard
Controlled Protein – 50 gram
Controlled Protein – 60 gram                                            Food Sensitivities
Controlled Protein – 70 gram                                            Gluten Free
Controlled Protein – 80 gram                                            Low Lactose
High Protein/High Energy                                                  Low Sodium Benzoate
Chronic Kidney Disease                                                    Low Sulphite 
Peritoneal Dialysis                                                             
Hemodialysis                                                                     Test Diets
                                                                                          Caffeine Free
Fibre Modifications                                                        
Controlled Fibre                                                                Other Diets
Fibre Enriched                                                                   Low Iodine
                                                                                          Low Oxalate
Culture and Food Preferences                                      Low Tyramine 
Kosher Style                                                                      TPN with Tray
Kosher                                                                               Tube Feeding with Tray
No Beef                                                                             Tube Feeding
No Bell/Chili Peppers                                                         NPO
No Celery                                                                          Total Parenteral Nutrition
No Chocolate
No Citrus                                                                           HSC Only – Esophagectomy–Non Compendium
No Mushroom                                                                    
No Onion
No Pork
No Poultry