HPECD User Guides

Healthy Parenting and Early Childhood Development

Getting Ready and Troubleshooting


To arrange training please contact CSIS at: csis_support@wrha.mb.ca

Using the Database

•  User Manual - April 20, 2016
  NOTE: This document is being updated frequently, please use online version to ensure you have the most recent copy.

HPECD Sandbox
There is now a ‘HPECD Database Sandbox’ to practice what you’ve learned in training.

This is a ‘free for all’ area to play around in.  There may or may not be clients entered in the ‘sandbox’

• Breast Feeding Clinic Visit Summary

•  Community Area Admin Role

DO NOT enter real client information.

•  Referral Matrix and considerations for  Various Referral Types
  User Names are:
  PHN1 through to PHN8
  FFHV1 through to FFHV8
  Admin1 through to Admin8

Password for ALL is

•  Searching for an existing client in the database
•  Required HPECD paper Forms

  The link for the ‘HPECD Database Sandbox’ is: