Applied Public Health Research

Applied public health research (APHR) is essential to ensuring that we better understand our client populations and the environments in which they are embedded, the public health issues affecting them, and the best ways of addressing these public health issues. Applied public health research involves the scientific examination of one or more specific research questions related to assessing the impact or role of public health interventions, programs or policy. Formulation of specific research questions, identifying and utilizing relevant data sources, along with application of appropriate methodology in a real-world setting, and translating results back into public health practice are critical components of applied public health research.

The population and public health (PPH) program of the WRHA is continuing to support APHR as a key priority. In addition to major research collaborations and initiatives, a logic model for APHR has been developed, and key individuals identified to focus implementation of this strategic direction.  

Major Initiatives

Infectious Conditions & Immunization

  • Enhancing immunization coverage of equity-impacted children
  • Epidemiological mapping of vulnerable populations
  • Evaluating effectiveness of condom promotion campaign
  • Evaluating effectiveness of social media outreach in response to infectious syphilis
  • Understanding heterogeneity in trends of bacterial sexually transmitted infections, including chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis
  • Mathematical modelling of infectious syphilis among men who have sex with men in Winnipeg
  • Understanding invasive pneumococcal disease in Winnipeg
  • Dignity in tuberculosis care

Prenatal and Early Childhood

  • Breastfeeding experiences of low income women
  • Enhancing prenatal care for inner-city women
  • Understanding infant nutrition and breastfeeding

Healthy Built Environments, Health Equity, Healthy Public Policy and Chronic Conditions.

  • Redefinition of public health nursing practice model in Manitoba
  • Public health nursing practice and newcomers
  • Implementation and knowledge translation of approaches to health equity
  • Understanding food skills in schools
  • Obesity prevention
  • Active transportation in the WRHA
  • Physical literacy in children
  • Assessing perceptions of and experiences of LGBTQ healthcare professionals

Conferences Presented

  • Canadian Public Health Association
  • Community Health Nurses of Canada
  • Canadian Association for HIV Research
  • European Public Health Conference
  • Manitoba Health Ethics Forum

Major Partners

  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Toronto
  • Centre for Global Public Health
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
  • Health in Common
  • Klinic Community Health Centre
  • Food Matters Manitoba

Strategic Plan & Logic Model

Applied Public Health Logic Model


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Documents and Links

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Media Releases

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