In praise of performance conversations

  • 58 per cent of employees are moderately or actively engaged
  • one of the top drivers to improving engagement is managing performance
  • an important ingredient in one's work is a sense of accomplishment
  • strengthening the manager/employee relationship creates higher manager effectiveness, which in turn, creates greater employee engagement

Getting work done and strengthening the relationship, making it possible to accomplish even more in the future, is strategic.

  • A trusting and straight-talk relationship is the most effective and efficient management tool
  • When assessing an employee’s performance, more than one variable needs to be considered

Research shows that performance management can be a strategic tool that:

  • helps an organization maximize its productivity through enabling employees to perform to their potential
  • identifies how personal actions contribute to achieving the organization’s strategy

Birona, Farndale and Paauwe, 2011; Buckingham and Goodall, 2015

Performance management is a strategic tool when it includes:

  • links to organizational goals
  • managers who coach
  • frequent dialogues
  • purposeful documentation
  • ongoing learning and development
  • recognition

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Dahling and O’Malley, 2011

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