What is R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

It's more than a clever little ditty by Aretha Franklin.
It's a living policy.
It's a kinder way to relate to each other.
It requires us all to step up and do our part.
It's thinking before we act or speak or type.
It's considering how our actions affect others.
It's thinking about how other people want and deserve to be treated.
It's about raising for the bar for the way we treat each other.

Each of us has a part to play in making respect a priority. Here are resources to support that:

Respectful Workplace Policy

View WRHA Policy 20.10.040: Respectful Workplace

Respectful Workplace Procedures Manual

An overview of respectful workplace basics.

View Respectful Workplace Procedures Manual

Respectful Workplace FAQ

Everything you've wanted to know about respectful workplace but were afraid to ask.

Respectful Workplace Process

What do you do if you need to make a respectful workplace complaint? What's important to know? Read this to find out.

Respectful Workplace Poster

Download a printer-friendly version of the poster

Respectful Workplace Payroll Attachment

An overview of how we all deserve to be treated.

View Respectful Workplace Payroll Attachment

Taking a cue from geese: Canada geese offer tips to build strong teams

Read the article (Intranet access required)

For insight on geese and team building as part of a Respectful Workplace, see the video offered through the health region’s Learning Management System.

  1. Visit http://manitoba-ehealth.learnflex.net.
  2. Log in. If you are a new user, click on the link to register and follow the prompts. (please note your pop-up blocker needs to be disabled to run the video)
  3. Select the Courses/Registration tab.
  4. Click on search and type “respectful” in the course title box and click on search.
  5. Click on Respectful Workplace Video.
  6. Click Register and click Continue.
  7. Click Launch to play the video.

Respectful Workplace Articles

Breaking the Golden Rule

Respectful learning environments = greater health and wellness

Common sense key to savvy social media use

Who can answer your respectful workplace questions?

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