Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health (OESH)

Policies, Operational Procedures and Guidelines

Section 4: MSI Prevention

Ergonomic Guidelines for Computer Workstations:

To request an ergonomic assessment for a staff member managers can email: wrhaOESHergo@wrha.mb.ca

OESH Computer Workstation Bulletins:

Bulletins include:  Ideal Work Practices, Adjusting the Office Chair, Keyboard and Mouse, Monitor and Document Holders, Positioning to Decrease Reach and Telephone.

Sit Stand Workstations and Work Practice Changes

If a sit stand workstation has been recommended for you, please follow the guidelines below.

Sit Stand Workstations - Guidelines on Use

Exercises for Staff
Office Exercises and Stretches
Wound Care Exercises and Stretches
Manual Material Handling Guidelines
Material Handling Manual
Provincial Safe Work Procedures
  Provincial Safe Work Procedures
Safe Patient Handling Manual and Operational Procedure

Safe Patient Handling and Movement Operational Procedure

Safe Patient Handling and Movement Program Manual

Safe Patient Handling Manual: Resources
Workplace Safety and Health Act Section 4: Duities of Employers
Workplace Safety and Health Regulations Part 2.2.1: New Worker Orientation
Workplace Safety and Health Regulation Part 8: Musculoskeletal Injuries
Workplace Safety and Health Regulation Part 39: Healthcare Facilities
WRHA Policy 20.20.030 Workplace Safety and Health
Resources: Assessment & Communication
Musculoskeletal Hazards in Patient Handling
Risk Assessement: General Considerations and Red Flag Checklist
Risk Assessment: Patient Assessment Procedures and Screening Tool
Safe Patient Handling Assessment Form
Transfer Logo Samples (Page 28 of SPH)
Resources: Hazard Control Options
Patient Handling Control Measures
Resources: Training & Education
Patient Capability Assessement Outcomes
Safe Patient Handling Algorithms (Page 27 of SPH)
Sample Compentency Checklists (Page 34 of SPH)
PowerPoint Presentation Traning Sample


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