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Health Care Connection Submission Guidelines

The Communications team oversees and distributes Health Care Connection—a weekly e-newsletter for WRHA staff, which includes regional news, educational opportunities, general information, events and more. Health Care Connection is distributed on Wednesdays. We have established the following submission guidelines below: 

  • Submissions should be of interest to all or most staff.
  • Text for any one item should not exceed 75 words. If longer content is submitted, the editors reserve the right to truncate or edit content down to fit the standard length. If you have a lot of information to convey, we recommend submitting a short summary and linking to a longer article or post on your site.
  • Files such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc. will not be accepted. We can, however, link to these documents if they are available on the WRHA website, Insite, or, at the sole discretion of the editor, a third‐party website.
  • You are welcome to include an image or graphic with your content submission, but it will only be included at the editor's discretion. All images and graphics must be clear, legible and fit within space parameters for optimal viewing (828px x 466px).We reserve the right to crop or reduce the size of any photo submitted. If you need assistance designing around these size parameters, Canva is a free and easy design platform that offers the option of creating custom templates based on the size you input.
  • Posting frequency: In order to keep Health Care Connection fresh and interesting, we will only post the same content a maximum of 2 times. For example, if you have an upcoming event and want to inform staff, you can decide the dates you would like to have your content included in Health Care Connection, up to a maximum of 2 editions. This gives other programs, sites or facilities a chance to publish their content. 
  • Submission deadlines: All content must be submitted by 12 p.m. on Tuesdays.


Editors will only accept submissions for the next upcoming edition of Health Care Connection. Please refrain from sending submissions for future editions.

Content we will include in Health Care Connection:

  • Regional news and stories highlighting exciting work and employee profiles from across our sites, programs and facilities
  • Important general information and updates for all (or most) staff
  • Webinars, workshops, events and opportunities from within WRHA's network (e.g. LMS, Education Portal, EAP, Shared Health, other RHAs, WRHA agencies/partners, etc.). Webinars, workshops, events and opportunities from external groups and organizations are subject to approval. Please provide rationale and approval from your manager.

Content we will not include in Health Care Connection:

  • Personal notices (such as retirement teas, pledges for events, etc.)
  • Foundation/fundraising events or stories. Some exceptions may apply for regional staff‐based events (e.g. United Way)
  • Classified ads
  • Department‐specific announcements or appointments
  • Content from external groups and organizations

Submission guidelines are subject to change. Last updated March 2023.

For questions or comments regarding the Health Care Connection submission guidelines, please contact the editors at healthcareconnection@wrha.mb.ca.

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