The WRHA Education Portal provides direct links to developmental pportunities for managers and staff working across the Winnipeg Health Region. To expand their knowledge, skills and abilities, this portal will provide access to clinical and non clinical regional education and resources. Simply select the option below that you wish to view and you will be linked to categories that fall under the descriptor.

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OSD offers two resource collections for leaders to foster engagement (the Engagement Toolkit) and leadership capacity (the Leadership Development Resource Guide).

Engagement Toolkit: The Engagement Toolkit offers articles, videos, TED Talks, success stories and best practices that will support our managers, directors and senior leaders in fostering effective and engaged teams. Resources are compiled in each of the Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Survey Dimensions and are mapped to the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. Click here to access it.

Leadership Development Resource Guide: The Leadership Development Resource Guide (LDRG) is a catalogue of resources to support you in managing your own professional development, enabling you to set your goals, plan your strategies, apply your learning and celebrate your successes. The LDRG can also be used as you guide your team members in their professional development. Click here to access it.

OSD courses and registration are now on the Learning Management System. Please follow the steps below to view and register for courses.

To register for a course in the LMS:

  • Go to http://sharedhealthmb.ca/health-providers/digitalhealth/lms
  • Log in. If you are a new user, click on the link to create an account and follow the prompts.
  • Select the Courses/Registration tab.
  • In the Search Box in the upper right corner, search for OSD
  • Click the Register button beside the workshop you wish to take.
  • If you have any questions or issues with creating an account in the LMS please contact the Manitoba eHealth Service Desk at 204-940-8500.

Check out theHUB

This resource has been designed to provide leaders with tips and tools to support their team.  It is a collection of articles, videos, job aids and other resources.

Click theHUB Button above to find out more. 

Upcoming Events

Provincial Healthcare Violence Prevention Program

Module 1 – Orientation to Violence Prevention Program Available on the Learning Management System (LMS)

To access the course, log in to the LMS
click on Courses/Registration.
Then click on WRHA - General.
Then click on Violence Prevention.

For more information Click Here

Critical Care Rhythm Course (pre-requisite for the CCNOP)

OPEN to ALL Nurses who are enrolled in the CCNOP or who work in clinical units/areas that require cardiac rhythm analysis. Other clinical nurses interested in gaining rhythm analysis knowledge and skills as part of their career planning can apply for available open spots.

he rhythm course is composed of six classes scheduled every Friday morning and consists of five 4-hour classes from 0830-1230 hours and the last week is the exam from 0830-1000. Theory course content is delivered through self-learning Cardiac Rhythms LMS Modules 1-7 and attendance to virtual MS Teams classes.

In keeping with current social distancing guidelines, the course is offered virtually through Microsoft Teams with socially distanced, in-person testing on Thursday of the 6th week.

Rhythm Course Dates (0830-1230):

  • Week 1 - (Friday) February 10, 2023
  • Week 2 - (Friday) February 17, 2023
  • Week 3 - (Friday) February 24, 2023
  • Week 4 - (Friday) March 3, 2023
  • Week 5 - (Friday) March 10, 2023
  • Week 6 - Test - (Friday) March 17, 2023 (0830-1000)
  • Re-write – (Friday) March 24 2023 (0830-1000)

Certification in Cardiac Rhythms will require completion of all the assigned LMS modules and accompanying homework assignments, attendance to scheduled virtual classes, along with a written Cardiac Rhythms Analysis test (80% required).  Once you have completed both the LMS theory portion and successfully completed the Cardiac Rhythm Analysis Test you will receive your course certificate.

What you will need:

  • Calipers
  • Textbook (New edition):  Huff, Jane. (2023). ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation (8th ed). (ISBN#9781975174545)

To register, please call 204-787-4988 or email Sara Harms, Administrative Assistant at sharms3@hsc.mb.ca

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