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WRHA launching Mobile Procura for all home care direct service staff

We are excited to share that the WRHA, in partnership with Victoria Hospital Foundation, is launching Mobile Procura for all home care direct service staff.

We heard repeatedly during engagement sessions for the new strategic plan last year that this technology was much needed, and we are happy to now be able to provide it.

The Procura AlayaCare Mobile App will be installed on smartphones provided to staff to give staff the tools they need to provide the highest quality care by allowing real-time access to client schedules, increasing safety, and enhancing communication between office staff and staff working in the community

The Procura AlayaCare Mobile App is a well-known, successful software platform used in Home Care delivery systems across North America. Many recognized benefits of the app include immediate online access to schedules including real-time changes, updates or cancellations, automated mileage tracking which identifies the best route to client homes, improved communication with staff via built-in secure messaging, improved safety for staff working alone as a result of checking-in and out when arriving and leaving a client's home, and an overall reduction in paperwork.

This app will also offer an improved ability for staff to accept available shifts, and will improve upon the number of cancelled visits from the WRHA thanks to better scheduling.

The app will be rolled out to staff in phases over 9-12 months beginning in the coming weeks. More information will be provided as the rollout begins.

The WRHA Community program continues to focus on recruitment, training and retention of Home Care workers in the region to address the vacancy rate and improve staffing levels in the long term. While that work is being done, the goal is to make the best use of the resources we have by improving the work environment and service delivery.

We recognize how hard our home care staff work every day to provide safe client care, and we hope adopting this app will only improve upon their working conditions and efficiency of their time.

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