Evidence-Informed Decision Making

Evidence-Informed Decision Making

Incorporating evidence into practice is a challenge for all health care professionals in a workplace that increasingly demands that we do more with less. This workshop provides an introduction into the process of using evidence to inform decision making and how that can lead to meaningful change. The curriculum which you can download below, is designed so that you can work through it on your own, with a study group, or in a facilitated one day workshop.


Workshop Objectives:  To understand the components of evidence-informed decision-making, the workshop addresses the following questions:

  1. What is Evidence-Informed Decision making?  Why bother?
  2. Ask.  How do I frame the question?
  3. Acquire, How can I find the best evidence in five minutes or less?
  4. Appraise.  How can I decide if the particular study is good enough to apply?
  5. Integrate.  How do I decide which of multiple studies to use?
  6. Adapt.  How do I use the information from #5 in decision-making/policy brief?
  7. Apply.  How do I develop the implementation plan?
  8. Analyze.  How do I evaluate if the plan worked?

To find dates and register CLICK HERE and find it in Courses - Clinical Skills - Staff Development.

Educational Materials for Downloading:

Introduction to Evidence-Informed Decision Making


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