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Competence and Authority to Immunize

Immunizing in the Winnipeg Health Region

Manitoba Health establishes overall guidance and standards for immunization programs in Manitoba. Requirements for immunization providers, including consent and reporting adverse events, are addressed within Manitoba’s Public Health Act, Division 4 Immunization.

In Manitoba, an immunization provider may be a registered nurse (R.N.) licensed practical nurse (L.P.N.) registered psychiatric nurse (R.P.N.) or physician. Immunization providers deliver immunization services as part of routine primary care for children and adults.  Providers may also immunize as a part of their role in the prevention and control of specific communicable diseases.

Immunization providers shall be responsible for ensuring competency to provide immunizations as required by their professional licensing body. This includes:

  • Knowledge of vaccine preventable disease, benefits and risks of vaccines, and recommended immunization schedules.
  • Knowledge of target populations who are at risk for communicable diseases.

Immunization providers are responsible to ensure they:

  • meet the requirements to provide immunization as required by the site/programs;
  • follow Routine Practices when administering immunizations; (Refer to WRHA Regional Infection Prevention and Control Manuals for further details)
  • follow each site or program’s procedures to ensure competency.

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