Menu Composition & Management

WRHA, Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) provide meals and snacks based on a three week cycle. The menu is designed to meet individual diet and food preference needs of patients /residents.  The menu follows Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide recommendations and is designed to meet the diet compendium criteria for each of the 98 diet types.  Items chosen for the menu are evaluated using clinical specifications, operational capabilities and available financial resources. Personal food preference information is obtained through the food preference questionnaire.  The menu is continually updated and revised based on contract awards, quality assurance monitoring, and feedback from patient / residents.

The software application Nutrition Services Suite designed by CBORD allows patients/ residents diet and food preferences and customized menus to be entered into a computerized database.   All food items entered into the database are reviewed and evaluated based on nutritionals, ingredients, portion size and diet compliance which  formulate the menu’s building blocks.  Food ingredient labels, nutritional analysis, and known allergens are maintained for reference and individualized menu planning.   The Food Services Suite software application designed by CBORD provides the ability to manage inventory, production, food procurement and meal assembly requirements. This computerized system allows NFS to manage the complex integration of clinical nutrition and foodservice.