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WRHA Diet Compendium and Criteria

Pediatric Diet Compendium

Pediatric Diet Criteria for Menu Database

Adult Diet Compendium

Adult Diet Criteria for Menu Database

2018 Adult Diet Compendium Phase 1 Change Memo

2018 Adult Diet Compendium Phase 1 Communication

2019 Adult Diet Compendium Phase 2 Change Memo

IDDSI - International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative

IDDSI - Implementation Plan and Package: Phase 1

IDDSI - Education Plan Outline

IDDSI - Implementation Plan Powerpoint Presentation Template: Phase 1

IDDSI - Implementation of Milk Thick and Moderately Thick Liquids (Voice Over)

IDDSI - Update of Diet Names and Descriptions, Thickening Fuilds and Measuring Flow

IDDSI - Knowledge Assessment Quiz

IDDSI - 5 Minute Huddle with Script and Poster

IDDSI - Poster: IDDSI Framework and WRHA Implementation Phases

IDDSI - Poster: New Thick Liquid Diets

IDDSI - Poster: Product Label Changes

IDDSI - Poster: Tray Ticket Changes (proposed)

IDDSI - CQI: Audit Completion Guidelines

IDDSI - CQI: Flow Test Procedure - Hot Soups

Gluten Free Resources in Long Term Care

Education Manual for Healthcare Staff

Immediate Admission Checklist

Providing a Gluten Free Diet - Resource Manual

Accommodating the Gluten Free Diet in the PCH Setting

Gluten Free Infographic

Handout for Unit Staff

Handout for Food Service Staff

Nutrition Program Manual and Resources

Four Weeks of Healthy Menus

Kids in the Kitchen Manual

Winnipeg Cooks Community Kitchen Manual

EAL Toolkit

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Living Better Manual

Manitoba Health Feeding and Swallowing Manual

WRHA Adult Enteral Nutrition Clinical Practice Guideline