Accountability-Based Programming for Teams

Agreements for Excellence™ ("AFE") is a proven team-based organizational development program that has been in use within the WRHA since 2003. It is a practical, facilitated "working session" through which teams clarify expectations, and strengthen their alignment and agreements around what is required to successfully achieve their desired results.  AFE enhances the performance and overall effectiveness of teams, increasing individual and team accountability, and assisting team members to build a shared commitment to achieving their team’s service, business and interpersonal priorities. The result: more focused and effective teams. The AFE approach also includes built-in measurement tools, which enable teams to track their results and recognize their successes.

Depending on the nature of the team, Agreements for Excellence is either a one-day or a two-day working session, with a follow up session (of either a half or a whole day) approximately six months later, to measure results.

Delivery of AFE working sessions is coordinated through the Organization & Staff Development Department. Use these links to:

Alternatively, contact Sandi Mitchell at 787-1385

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