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The Family Physician Action Council (FPAC) is a council of family physicians in the Winnipeg area, directly advisory to the President and CEO of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).

Its purposes are:

  1. To contribute to the vision and innovation of primary care renewal in Winnipeg.

  2. To provide a structure that promotes worthwhile input, consultation and dialogue between family physicians and the WRHA.

  3. To provide input and advice to the Region on patient care issues such as; continuum of care, quality of care, access, system improvement and service planning. 

  4. To promote and strengthen the role of family physicians within Winnipeg.

  5. To provide an avenue for problem-solving and rapid decision-making.


The Family Physician Action Council will consist of:

  1. Family Medicine/Primary Care Program Medical Director

  2. Family Medicine Program Medical Director

  3. President and CEO, WRHA

  4. Chief Operating Officer and VP of Community Health Services, WRHA

  5. Six Community Family Physicians

  6. Representative from Doctor's Manitoba

  7. Representative from College of Family Physicians, MB Chapter

The Primary Health Care Program Regional Director and the Director of Community Health Services Integration will participate as ex-officio members and will provide support to the Council.

Corresponding Members will include: Medical Directors from Public Health, Homecare and Mental Health, WRHA Chief Medical Officer and Director of Patient Access.

Where the physician is not currently remunerated through the WRHA, they will receive a stipend at MB Health/Doctor's MB rate.

Interested in becoming a member of the Family Physician Action Council? Please contact us.


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