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Active Medications Creating a prescription

Adding Drug Allergies

Adding Non Drug Allergies

Adding prescription Favorites-Adding and Importing

Change Medication Status

Change Prescription instructions

Create and use a compound drug or non drug prescription

Create a Prescription on behalf of a Physician

Change Prescription Interaction severity level

Delete Prescriptions written in Error

External Medications Management

First Data Bank Interaction Warnings


Medication Administration (MAR)

Medication Administration Reporting

Medications Tab

Preferred Management comments

Prescription Start Dates Overview

Print a medication list

Print another copy of a prescription

Print Management of Interactions on Prescription

Registering No Known Allergies

Renewing Medications

Active Medications- User Preferences

Working with Drug Conflicts

Sample Medication Reconciliation Record and Order Form

Sample Patient Friendly Medication List

July 2015 WRHA Public Health Management of Chlamydia
May 13 Physician Alert: New C. difficile Toxin Testing Algorithm

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