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The Home Care program was established in 1974 to help people live at home, remaining independent for as long as possible, thereby avoiding or delaying the need for individuals to go into long term care facilities.

The mandate of the program is to provide effective, reliable and responsive community health care services to support independent living, develop appropriate care options with clients and/or family and facilitate admission into long term care facilities when living in the community is no longer possible.

What Home Care Programs and Services are offered in Winnipeg?

Home Care Programs include:

  • Home Care Coordination: Nursing Coordinated, Community Coordinated and Specialty Coordinated;

  • Dialysis and Ostomy (provincial-basis handled by Winnipeg);

  • Community Intravenous Therapy;

  • Self and Family Managed Care;

  • and Specialty Services such as Respiratory, Children's and Palliative Care Programs.

Home Care Services include:

Personal Care; Nursing; Counseling/Problem Solving; Household Assistance; Respite/Family Relief; Occupation Therapy Assessment; Physiotherapy Assessment; Referral to other agencies; Coordination of internal and external

Key activities of the program are:

Intake, Assessment, Care Planning, Service Coordination and Delivery, After Hours Response, Case Management, Referral, Health Information, Education and Community Development.

Who is Eligible for Home Care?

To be eligible for Home Care, individuals must be a Manitoba resident, registered with Manitoba Health, require health services or assistance with activities of daily living, require service to remain safely in their homes and require more assistance than available from existing supports and community resources.

Make a Referral

To make a referral, please contact our Central Intake Line at 204-788-8330.

Home Care Referral Form

Home Care Referral Form Completion Guideline

Guide to Home Care for Health Professionals

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