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Level 1 Wound Care Courses, effective June 12th 2024 offers 2 streams depending on education required

  1. Skin Health and Wound Prevention: 2 Modules: Designed for Health Care Providers (Health Care Aides, Rehabilitation Assistants) and Regulated/Unregulated Health Care Providers who require knowledge of wound prevention and types of wounds.
  2. Wound Prevention, Assessment and Treatment: 4 Modules: Designed for Health Care Professionals involved in the prevention, assessment and treatment of wounds.

These are not bundled courses so completion requires the requisite number of courses. Use any device as Learning Management System (LMS) is a website to register: https://sharedhealthmb.learnflex.net/include/login.asp?url=/users/index.asp

Wound Care StreamsLMS NumberCourse Name
Skin Health and Wound Prevention1658Wound Care Level 1_1-Wound Prevention
1824Wound Care Level 1_2a-Types of Wounds for Healthcare Providers
Wound Prevention, Assessment and Treatment 1658Wound Care Level 1_1-Wound Prevention
1659Wound Care Level 1_2b-Types of Wounds for Healthcare Professionals
1822Wound Care Level 1_3-Wound Assessment
1823Wound Care Level 1_4-Wound Treatment

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