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Infection Prevention & Control

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C) Program is dedicated to preventing infections for all individuals requiring care in our region. Infection Prevention and Control staff supports all WRHA hospitals and community facilities as well as partner organizations and members of the community.

WRHA IP&C Program key role including but not limited to:

  • Implementing consistent regional IP&C policies and procedures in all healthcare settings
  • Implementing a surveillance program for healthcare associated infection and colonization
  • Timely implementation or effective corrective/transmission prevention measures where appropriate
  • Communicating and collaborating regarding IP&C issues throughout all levels of health care
  • Facilitating, implementing and evaluating IP&C education in conjunction with sites and programs
  • Identifying and conducting IP&C research

WRHA IP&C Program detailed services include:

WRHA IP&C Program detailed services include:

IP&C Education

  • Provide learning regarding Routine Practices, ongoing and emerging IP&C topics and issues.

IP&C Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Surveillance

  • Healthcare Associated Infections including but not limited to Antibiotic Resistant Organisms, C. difficile, Gastroenteritis and Respiratory Infections.
  • Surgical Site Infection (SSI) surveillance including but not limited to elective knee and hip replacements, C-sections and cardiac surgery.

IP&C Policies, Procedures and Operational Directives

  • Develop and review procedures, operational directives, education packages, standard operating procedures and other guidance documents with an IP&C impact.

Outbreak Management

Reporting of Specific Communicable Diseases

  • Work collaboratively with Population and Public Health, as well as Shared Health, to report communicable diseases to Manitoba Health and within the WRHA.

Facility Design, Renovation and Construction

  • Work collaboratively with Facility Management, Capital Planning, at affected sites/areas.

Product and equipment review and evaluation

  • Work collaboratively with Logistic Services and other stakeholders to determine appropriateness of products and equipment for purchase.

Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR)

  • Collaborate with MDR regarding reprocessing of equipment issues.


  • Collaborate with WRHA Regional Housekeeping Working Group and site Housekeeping to address IP&C concerns relating to appropriate environmental cleaning.


  • Provide IP&C consultation to sites/programs.

Audit development

  • Create and revise audit tools and collaborate with stakeholders to conduct and ensure completion of various audits, e.g. hand hygiene compliance, equipment cleaning, and endoscopy audits.