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Access to the Hand Hygiene Auditing SharePoint Training portal is no longer restricted.

Staff logged in with a Digital Health Network account (including SDO network accounts) should automatically have access to the Auditor Training Resources. Additional permissions are required to access the Local Audit Champion or SDO Audit Lead Resources. SDO Audit Leads can request additional permissions by contacting the Provincial Hand Hygiene Core Project Team

Hand Hygiene Auditing

Shared Health, Quality and Learning, in collaboration with all Service Delivery Organizations have worked together to standardize a process for electronic hand hygiene auditing, using the HandyAudit tool.  This work includes standardization of hand hygiene auditing definitions, education, data collection and reporting processes.     

What is HandyAudit?

HandyAudit is an electronic hand hygiene auditing tool with artificial intelligence technology that takes a story-based, evidence-based approach to hand hygiene behavior and removes the subjectivity inherent in traditional auditing tools.  Hand hygiene auditors will record observed hand hygiene behaviour using the HandyAudit application on a touchscreen tablet as they observe staff providing care.  The application makes the determination for the Auditor regarding hand hygiene indication and opportunity compliance.
The HandyAudit application is easy to use.  The data collected will be reported within each SDO and compared with data from the other provincial SDOs. 
Where there is WIFI, the auditor also has access to real time data and may use it to provide on the spot feedback based on the 4 moments for hand hygiene

WRHA Audit Lead and Local Audit Leads/Champions: 

WRHA Audit Lead
Davilyn Cairns/Myrna Dyck

WRHA Local Audit Leads/Champions
Site/Sector-specific Infection Control Professionals.
See Contact IP&C for ICP contact information.

Link to Hand Hygiene Auditing SharePoint Training portal: 

Note: Access to the Shared Health training SharePoint page is granted after manager/supervisor approval and Local Audit Lead/Champion contact.

Welcome to the WRHA Audit tools. These audits allow us to celebrate our successes and identify areas of risk that have the potential to cause harm to the people we provide care for. Audit tools will help you quantify, measure, and continually improve the quality and safety of the care we provide to the people that trust us with their health needs.

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