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A Letter to Providers from Dr. Heejune Chang, Medical Officer of Health

The Winnipeg Health Region continues to see new cases of TB disease within the downtown area among persons who are unstably housed and/or using drugs. Ongoing transmission of TB disease in this population is concerning. TB disease is often missed in health care encounters. Early diagnosis and treatment improve clinical outcomes and reduces transmission.


  • If a health care provider is concerned that a client may have TB disease, consult Adult Chest Medicine at HSC paging: 204-787-2071; for children, page Pediatric Infectious Diseases.


  • For general information or questions about TB, contact WRHA Population & Public Health TB Services: 204-940-2274 (Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30)

Associated TB resources can be found here:



The Family Medicine Obstetrics Network (FMON) was established in 2012 by a group of family physicians dedicated to the delivery of low-risk, family-centred obstetrical care in Winnipeg. It provides an option for women who would like an alternative to either an obstetrician or midwife. It also provides another referral option for family physicians who do not provide intrapartum care. Referral can occur either early or late (see referral form guidelines for details). Women and their babies will return to the referring family doctor after delivery.

Presently, FMON has over 20 participating family physicians practicing in a variety of locations across the city. There are two call groups, one for deliveries at St. Boniface General Hospital and one at Women’s Pavilion, Health Sciences Centre. FMON physicians view childbirth as an important family event and as a normal, natural process. Choosing a family doctor who offers obstetrical care and delivery means you’ll receive safe, high quality care with a family centred approach

You may select a preferred site of delivery (SBGH or HSC) and a preferred provider. The FMON intake coordinator will assign an FMON physician if you do not make a specific selection, or if the preferred provider is unable to accept more referrals.


Referral to an FMON physician can easily be made by completing a referral form available on this website below, or on Accuro EMR, and faxing it to the FMON Intake Office at 204.231.2214.


If you have questions about FMON, please contact Dr. Sarah Kredentser, Medical Director at or at 204.632.3203. You may also contact the intake line and leave a message at 204.632.3640.


The Manitoba Collaborative Data Portal (MBCDP) provides a knowledge base to promote evidence informed community discussion, planning and action to maximize Health Equity, Social Justice, Public Accountability and Environmental Sustainability – and aspires to be a single place for Manitobans to find the data they need to support their work in communities. On the MBCDP, community and government organizations and agencies can easily find a wide range of neighborhood and local-level information. This information can be used to support programs and policies, engage the public, conduct further analyses, and better understand our region, province and the people in it. ​

Initiating partners of the Manitoba Collaborative Data Portal include the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, the Manitoba Center for Health Policy (University of Manitoba), the Institute of Urban Studies (University of Winnipeg), PEG Winnipeg (United Way WinnipegInternational Institute of Sustainable Development), and Population and Public Health Surveillance, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. 

The MBCDP is organized as a Collective Impact project, with the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg acting as the backbone organization.  Collaborating partners provide in-kind resources to the project and technical support and expertise.    

The MBCDP is also supported through a Community Practice group with representation from a wide variety of stake-holder groups including the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.  The Community of Practice collectively acquires, produces, and disseminates the information the MBCDP. ​On behalf of our Population Health Surveillance Team, we invite all colleagues within community to make use of the MBCDP, share with others and contribute to the Community of Practice to enhance and refine the portal. 

Provided by Debbie Nowicki, Epidemiologist/Manager, Population Health Surveillance, Injury Prevention, Tobacco Reduction, Physical Activity Promotion, Healthy Built Environment, Healthy Public Policy, Population/Public Health, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority


The Winnipeg Health Region (WHR) is experiencing an outbreak of infectious syphilis. 

Click below for a one page letter to health care providers with information on testing, treatment and reporting.


A new Spine Surgery Referral form is available for use.


New Preoperative Documents To Help Reduce Unnecessary Testing Launch Date: July 11, 2016

Routine Preoperative Tests for Adult Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery

NOTE: Primary Care Providers will also be receiving a laminated copy of Preoperative Lab Test Guidelines and the Preoperative History & Physical via mail.  


To access documents related to Perinatal Mental Health Supports & Services, please click on the links below.  

Perinatal Quick Reference Guide for Health-care Professionals

Postpartum Depression Brochure

      *           *             *           *           *

Information for Population and Public Health staff about ‘Perinatal/Postpartum Mental Health’ can be found at

      *           *             *           *           *

Information for the public about postpartum depression can be found on the Population and Public Health Internet site at

or on the Mental Health website at

English resource

French resource

Where the public can get help for postpartum depression

  • Talk to your Public Health Nurse (call 204-926-7000 to find your Public Health Nurse)
  • Talk to your doctor, midwife or other healthcare provider (If you do not have a doctor call the Family Doctor Connection Program at ( 204-786-7111)
  • For information about resources and supports call the Women's Health Clinic Mothers Program at 947-2422 ext. 113 or visit

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, or are in crisis:

  • Go to the WRHA Crisis Response Centre at 817 Bannatyne Avenue or call WRHA Mobile Crisis Service at 204-940-1781(24 hours/7 days a week)
  • Call the Klinic Community Health Centre Crisis Line (24 hours/7 days a week) at 204-786-8686
  • Call the Manitoba Suicide Line (24 hours/7 days a week) at

If you need help finding resources call Health Links-Info Santé at
204-788-8200 or visit the Postpartum Depression Association of Manitoba website at

More information on postpartum depression is available at the following sites: and


WRHA Language Access has provided the services of qualified trained interpreters (spoken, non-Aboriginal languages) for approximately 50,000 health and social service encounters since its inception in 2007.

These services (in-person, over-the-phone, or via MBTelehealth) are:

  • Critical in reducing barriers between primary care providers and patients/clients who do not share a common language.
  • Provided at no cost to WRHA and WRHA-funded facilities, programs and services, CancerCare Manitoba, WRHA funded dental services, and fee-for-service physicians.
  • Available on a cost-recovery basis to government departments (provincial and federal) as well as other organizations.

For additional information and the Request/Confirmation/Cancellation form, see the links below:

Letter to Health Care Providers

LAIS Request/Confirmation/Cancellation Form



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