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Volunteer Services

WRHA Volunteer Services supports Community Health and Corporate programs and services, which vary from health client service to community and staff support.

WRHA Volunteers complement and enhance existing services, support collaborative community action, and bring new ideas, skills, insights, energy and fresh perspectives.

More information and suggestions regarding volunteer involvement are available from Sandra Milotte, Manager, Volunteer Services, email: volunteer@wrha.mb.ca and phone: 204-787-5078

Guiding Principles

  • Volunteers assist WRHA staff in providing quality services to clients and communities by sharing their skills and talents.
  • Volunteer engagement at the WRHA supports meaningful public participation.
  • The WRHA Volunteer Services Program works collaboratively and cooperatively, with staff, volunteers and other organizations, thus ensuring that services are not duplicated.
  • The WRHA is committed to building capacity in communities and achieving service excellence.
  • Volunteering is a learning experience for both the volunteer and WRHA staff.

WRHA Values for Volunteer Involvement

Adapted from the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement Values:

Volunteer involvement is fundamental to a healthy and democratic society in Canada

  • It promotes civic engagement and active participation in shaping the society we want.
  • It encourages everyone to play a role and contribute to the quality of life in communities.

Volunteer involvement is vital for strong and connected communities

  • It promotes change and development through the collective efforts of those who know the community best.
  • It identifies and supports local strengths and assets to respond to community challenges while strengthening the social fabric.

Volunteer involvement builds the capacity of organizations

  • It provides organizations with the skills, talents and perspectives that are essential to their relevance, vitality and sustainability.
  • It increases the capacity of organizations to accomplish their goals through programs and services that respond to and are reflective of the unique characteristics and needs of their communities.

Volunteer involvement is personal

  • It promotes a sense of belonging and general wellbeing.
  • It provides the opportunity for individuals to engage according to their personal preferences, interests, skills and motivations.

Volunteering is about building relationships

  • It connects people to the causes they care about, and allows community outcomes and personal goals to be met within a spectrum of engagement.
  • It creates opportunities for non-profit organizations to accomplish their goals by engaging and involving volunteers, and it allows volunteers an opportunity to connect with and contribute to building community.