Feeding Healthy Term Infants Resource Manual

About the manual

The Feeding Healthy Term Infants Resource Manual provides current evidence-based recommendations on feeding topics for healthy term infants. It has been written and reviewed by members of the WRHA Public Health Nutrition Practice Council. This resource is intended for use by public health nurses, registered dietitians and affiliated healthcare professionals.

All recommendations are based on current scientific evidence and best practice as of March 2017. Recommendations are subject to change as research, knowledge and experience evolve. This document will be updated periodically to reflect these changes.

Full Manual

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By Section

     Manual Title Page, Table of Contents and Introduction

     Section A. Infant Formulas – Coming soon

     Section B. Introduction of Solids

B.1 Signs that Infants are Ready to Eat Solid Foods

B.2 Order of Introducing Solid Foods

B.3 Order of Introducing Textures

B.4 Frequency and Timing of Meals

B.5 Choking Hazard Foods

B.6 Highly Allergenic Foods (updated September 2019)

     Section C. Introduction of Other Fluids

C.1 Whole Cow’s Milk

C.2 Low-fat Cow’s Milk

C.3 Goat’s Milk

C.4 Soy, Rice and Other Vegetarian Beverages

C.5 Water (updated July 2019)

C.6 Fruit Juice

C.7 Herbal Teas and Products

C.8 Open and Sippy Cups

     Section D. Feeding Relationships

          D.1 Division of Responsibility in Feeding

D.2 Feeding Environment

D.3 Hunger and Satiety Cues

D.4 Gagging vs. Choking

     Section E. Safety Concerns

E.1 Bottle Feeding

E.2 Safety of Fish Consumption Related to Mercury (Updated May 2021)

E.3 Honey

    Section F. Other Nutritional Concerns

F.1 Gastroesophageal Reflux and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

F.2 Thickened Formula

F.3 Lactose Intolerance

F.4 Constipation

F.5 Diarrhea

F.6 Colic

F.7 Probiotics

F.8 Prebiotics

F.9 Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

F.10 Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation: Fluoride

F.11 Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation: Vitamin D

F.12 Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation: Iron

F. 13 Oral Health

          Appendix. Grading of the Evidence