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Communicable Disease Prevention & Management

The goal of Communicable Disease Prevention and Management is to prevent and decrease the spread of infectious diseases. A team of Medical Officers of Health, Communicable Disease Coordinators, Public Health Nurses, Public Health Inspectors and Epidemiologists work together to track, prevent and manage communicable diseases.  We provide education and advice to individuals, families and groups on how to limit the spread of diseases.

Strategic Plan & Logic Model

Communicable Disease Strategic Plan

Communicable Disease Logic Model

Statistical Reports

The Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases within the WRHA 2014-2019

Fact Sheets

Province of Manitoba Diseases & Conditions Fact Sheets

Cover your Cough Fact Sheet   Arabic   English   French

Handwashing Fact Sheet  Arabic   English   French


Public Health Agency of Canada

Canadian Pediatric Society

Caring for Kids – Health Conditions, Treatments, and Fact Sheets

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning (NEW)

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Manitoba Health – Environmental Health

CDC – Atlanta

Service Delivery Standards

Weekend and After-hours CD and Immunization Procedure Manual

Appendix A: How to Update PHIMs account for vaccines administered at 490 Hargrave

Public Health Investigation Resources

CD Investigation Checklist for PHN

Communicable Disease Management Protocols (Manitoba)

Regional CDC Contact List (September 2022)

FNIHB Contact List (Updated May 2024)

Nunavut Regional CDC Contact List (Updated June 2024)

Training & Support Tools

Unable to Reach Regarding an Urgent Health Matter Letter

Alternative Isolation Accommodations (AIA), including non-COVID referrals- NEW/Updated

General Communicable Disease Form

This form is to be used as a guide for documentation into PHIMS. Additional supplementary resources to guide investigations may be found below.

Outbreak Management in Assisted Living Residences

PHIMS Resources

Regional Resources:


Disease Specific Information

General Communicable Diseases


Invasive Group A Streptococcal

Emerging Communicable Diseases:

Avian Influenza

Acute Severe Hepatitis (non A-E) of Unknown Origin in Children

Mpox (Orthopoxvirus)

Enteric Diseases:

Ecoli (VTEC)

Hepatitis A



Enteric Illness Resources:

Enteric Illness Outbreak Resources

Non-reportable Diseases:

Bed Bug Resources

Head Lice

Sexually-Transmitted and Blood-Borne Pathogens:

Hepatitis B Resources

WRHA Practice Guidelines for Public Health Investigation and Management of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C Resources

WRHA Practice Guidelines for Public Health Investigation and Management of Hepatitis C

Vaccine Preventable Diseases:

Vaccine Preventable Investigation Form

Coronavirus (COVID-19) SARS-CoV-2:

Shared Health Resources:

Clinical Resources:

Manitoba Education & Early Childhood Learning / Manitoba Health

PHIMS Resources:

Measles Resources

Meningococcal Resources

Mumps Resources

Pertussis Resources

Vector-borne and Other Zoonotic Diseases

Possible Rabies Exposure Resources

West Nile Virus

Zika Virus