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Mental Health Promotion

Mental health is the foundation for well-being and effective functioning for every individual and community.  The aim of the Mental Health Promotion program is to enhance the mental health and well-being of the population across the lifespan. 

There is a complex interplay of factors that impact our mental health and well-being.  Mental health promotion recognizes these factors and works at the individual, family and community level, collaborating with a variety of community partners to build capacity to support positive mental health.

Mental Health Promotion includes actions that:

  1. promote mental well-being,
  2. prevent mental health problems or illnesses, and
  3. improve quality of life and support recovery for people living with a mental illness.

The Mental Health Promotion program develops, implements, and evaluates numerous initiatives that aim to promote mental health by building upon strengths and reducing risk factors to ultimately achieve mentally healthy individuals and communities.


mentalhealthpromotion@wrha.mb.ca or 204-940-3681

Mental Health Promotion – Program Overview

Click here for Perinatal & Postpartum Resources for Health-care Professionals

Strategic Plan

Mental Health Promotion Strategic Plan

Major Initiatives

The Mental Health Promotion program is engaged with the following programs and organizations in supporting the mental health and well-being of the population.

Promoting Mental Health in the Early Years

Handle with Care – promoting the mental health of young children

Reaching In – Reaching Out– promoting the resilience of adults and young children

Attachment Network of Manitoba – supporting best practice for enhancing secure attachment across the lifespan       

Parents of Young Children

Towards Flourishing– promoting the mental well-being of parents and families through Manitoba’s Families First Home Visiting Program

Perinatal Mental Health – information for women and their families regarding mental health and well-being during pregnancy and postpartum

School-based Mental Health Promotion

The WRHA Mental Health Promotion program partners with school divisions to develop and support a whole-school approach for positive mental health. Informed by evidence and best-practice, our program provides consultation, support, assistance with assessment, planning, professional development, student and parent engagement, and supports the implementation of programs and plans.

See the following resources:

Post-Secondary Institutions

The program also works with post-secondary institutionson whole-campus approaches to mental health and well-being.

Mental Health Promotion Materials for Adults

For Mental Health Promotion Materials Contact: mentalhealthpromotion@wrha.mb.ca or 204-940-3681

Older Adults

Fact Sheets

Mentally Healthy Every Day Brochure


Program Monitoring Indicator Report 2015


Ways to Well-being – The information and tools on this site are intended as a guide to support you to achieve a greater sense of well-being in whatever areas you choose.

Here to Help Wellness modules

Greater Good in Action: Science-based Practices for a Meaningful Life

Best Practice

Best Practice Guidelines for Early Years

Best Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion Programs: for Children and Youth

Best Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion Programs: for Older Adults 55+

Best Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion Programs for: Refugees

National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace


Rising to the Challenge: A Strategic Plan for the Mental Health and Well-being of Manitobans

Changing Directions, Changing Lives: the Mental Health Strategy for Canada

Exploring Positive Mental Health

Mental Health Resources in Winnipeg 

Mental Health Resource Guide for Winnipeg, Canadian Mental Health Association Winnipeg Region 

Perinatal & Postpartum Resources for Health-care Professionals

Perinatal Mental Health Quick Reference for Health-care Providers 

WRHA 1 in 8 Postpartum Depression pamphlet (scroll down for English)   To order quantities of this brochure click here to contact MDA

WRHA Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit 2014 for Public Health Nursing Practice 

Websites for Service Providers and Public

Postpartum Depression Association of Manitoba

Best Start – Perinatal Mental Health Resources, including Life with a New Baby DVD

Pacific Postpartum Support Society   

Postpartum Support International                         

Self-Management Tools

Managing Depression: a self-help skills resource for women living with depression during pregnancy, after birth and beyond 

Anxiety BC: Resources, Results, Relief– (see “Parents” under the Self Help tab)

Coping with Anxiety during Pregnancy and Following the Birth 

Coping with Depression during Pregnancy and Following the Birth

Best Practice Guidelines for Perinatal Mental Health

WRHA Population and Public Health Perinatal Best Practice Guidelines and Service Standards 

Best Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Disorders in the Perinatal Period – B.C. 

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Best Practice Guideline for Postpartum Depression 

Multicultural Resources

The Culture of Well-being – Guide to Mental Health Resources for First Nations, Metis & Inuit People in Winnipeg, WRHA   

Multilingual information sheet on Postpartum Depression, BC Here to Help 

Celebrating the Circle of Life Coming Back to Balance and Harmony, An Aboriginal guide to emotional health in pregnancy and early motherhood for women and their families  

Giving Birth in a New Land- A Guide for women new to Canada and their families  

Giving Birth in a New Land – Strategies for Service Providers Working with Newcomers  

Health Information Translations

Self-Care Resources

Tips for Postpartum Health: Emotional 

Tips for Postpartum Health: Fathers, Partners and Supporters 

Tips for Postpartum Health: Nutrition 

Tips for Postpartum Health: Sleep 

Breathing 1..2..3 

What Makes Me Feel Good 

Nurturing Activities              

Motherhood Myths Group Activity for Discussion

Women’s Health Clinic/Birth Centre offers “Coping with Change” workshops and a free booklet “Coping with Change – A New Mother’s Guide”