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Staff Development

The purpose of the WRHA PPH Staff Development Working Group is to support collective workforce cohesion, program identity, and shared values, and support learning opportunities and capacity building. For more information about the PPH Staff Development Working Group see the group’s Terms of Reference.

The PPH Staff Development Working Group has proposed a plan for the 2019/20 PPH staff development season – review the plan here:  PPH Staff Development 2019/20 Plan

Past PPH Staff Development Sessions

Overview 2018/19PPH Staff Development 2018-19 PlanSummary Report: PPH Staff Development 2018/19 
June 12 & 13, 2019
8:30 – 12:00 pm
PPH Staff Development ½ day sessionTowards New Ways of Working Together
Population and Public Health Update
Ways of Knowing and Working TogetherVideos:
What causes addiction?
Two-eyed Seeing: Poet Laureate Rebecca Thomas presents at Halifax Regional Council, 2016
October 2018Feedback from Staff June Session & Team Discussions 2017/18
June 12 & 13 2018
8:30am – 12 noon
Working Towards Reconcilliation
Main room slide set
February / March 2018Acknowledging Truths
Reading: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesDiscussion Guide
September/ October 2017Reading – Let’s Talk: Racism and Health Equity (NCCDH, 2017)
Slides and discussion questions found here
June 2017The 2017 Staff Development Say sessions were held on June 13 and 14 on the topic of Shifting our Public Health Lens: Integrating Trauma Informed Concepts. Presentations and handouts from the session are available for review:Agenda & Speaker BiographiesDr. Mariette Chartier: What does MB’s population based data tell us? – slides
Alana Maertins: Breaking the Silence: Trauma-informed care – slides
Trauma Informed Practice handout & discussion questions
Self-care handout
March 2017Standing Team Agenda: WRHA Harm Reduction Position Statement
January 12th
or 17th, 2017
9 to 10:30am
Webinar: Community DevelopmentPutting Community in the Driver’s Seat”
December 2016Standing Team Agenda: Cultural Safety Reading
Discussion Guide Handout
November 2016Standing Team Agenda: Understanding Neglect in First Nations Families. NCCAH (2013).
Discussion Guide Handout
October 13th or 18th, 2016
9 to 10:30am
Webinar: Closing the Gaps in Indigenous Health
July 2016Standing Team Agenda Discussion Topic: “Let’s Talk…Advocacy and Health Equity
June 2016The 2016 Staff Development Day sessions were held on June 21 and June 23, 2016 on the topic of Anti-Racism in Indigenous Health. Presentations from the sessions are available for review:Welcome & closing  slidesDr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau: Levels of Racism – slidesThe Mothering Project: Leading with Kindness: An approach to anti-racist health care  slidesDr. Ian Whetter: Reflections on White Privilege and White Fragility  slides
May 2016Standing Team Agenda Discussion Topic:  “Let’s Talk…Universal and Targeted Approaches to Health Equity
April, 2016Webinar:  Community Development and Public Health – slides
March 2016Standing Team Agenda Discussion Topic:  “Let’s Talk…Moving Upstream
January 2016Standing Team Agenda Discussion Topic:  “Let’s Talk…Populations and the Power of Language
December 2015Webinar: Indigenous Health Promotion – slides
November 2015Standing Team Agenda Discussion Topic: “Let’s Talk…Public Health Roles for Improving Health Equity
October 2015Standing Team Agenda Discussion Topic: “Let’s Talk…Health Equity
September 2015Webinar: Healthy Built Environments – Listen to the audio file while scrolling through the slides
– Healthy Built Environments – slides– Healthy Built Environments – audio

PPH Staff Development – 2014 Session

The 2014 Staff Development Day sessions were dedicated to conversations about health equity and the work of our program in the WRHA. Scroll through the slides as you can watch the video to hear and see the presentation made in September 2014.

–  Building Population and Public Health’s Health Equity Plan – presentation slides

–  Building Population and Public Health’s Health Equity Plan – presentation video

–  Health for All: Building Winnipeg’s Health Equity Action Plan

–  WRHA’s Health Equity webpage

PPH Staff Development – 2013 Session Presentations

–  Overview and Update on HIV

–  Workplace Wellness Ergonomics and Taking Care of Your Darn Self

–  Let’s Promote Health

–  ANCR Presentation 2013

–  Panorama Breakout Session (2)

–  Panorama – Lynda