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General Staff Resources

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Hello Bonjour identifying items

Designated bilingual employees are required to wear one of the green Hello/Bonjour identifying items available from French Language Services.

However any bilingual employee who wants to identify as being willing and able to provide service in French is welcome to wear one of these items.  The following items are available to you:

  • Lanyard
  • Badge pull
  • Magnetic badge
  • Badge with pin

Employees who are learning French who are not yet fully confident using their French with colleagues or patients are encouraged to wear a:  J'apprends le français badge.  This signals your desire to use your French without creating an expectation you will be able to speak fluently.

If you would like to order a Hello/Bonjour item, please contact Lise at 235-3986 or lalcock@sbgh.mb.ca

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