Quality Improvement

Who we are

The WRHA Population and Public Health (PPH) Quality Team leads and coordinates program-level quality improvement initiatives and efforts to ensure Accreditation Canada Standards and Required Organizational Practices are met.  For more details, please see the PPH Quality Team’s Terms of Reference.  If you would like more information on the PPH Quality Team, please contact Nadene Coutu.

Accreditation Canada 2020

  • WRHA’s identified priority population for Population Health and Wellness standard of 2020 Accreditation is:  Indigenous populations - First Nations, Métis and Inuit.  There is a working group for this standard co-lead by Indigenous Health & Population and Public Health.
  • Information will be distributed via PPH Quality and PPHOT.  Stay tuned!

Let’s Talk Quality

Let’s Talk Quality is a communiqué of the Quality Team that provides updates on quality improvement activities and supports PPH teams to learn about and meet Accreditation standards. 

Click on the link to read the full issue of Let's Talk Quality February 2019.

Inside this issue:

  • Which Accreditation Canada Standards are applicable to PPH and where to find more information
  • About Accreditation
  • Regional Accreditation 2020 Timeline

Other Accreditation related resources:

PPH in action: High Priority Criteria

PPH in action: Public Health Service Standards - Updated August 2019

PPH in action: Required Organizational Practices - Updated August 2019

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