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Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care is when several health providers work together with patients/residents/clients, their families, caregivers and communities to provide high quality care. It involves engaging any health provider whose expertise can help improve the patient/resident/client’s health. When health providers collaborate, new possibilities exist that were not there before.

Research shows that Collaborative Care creates better health outcomes for patients/clients/residents and positively impacts experience and satisfaction with care. Health providers also benefit through healthier work environments and increased job satisfaction.

The Region is committed to providing information, resources and support to help individuals, managers, teams and facilities to integrate Collaborative Care into their daily work.

For further information on Collaborative Care in the Region, contact Carrie Fruehm at 204-926-7184. We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback about this resource and how we can make it even more helpful to you. 

This page was last updated September 24, 2021