Step 3: Implement

Implement the Action Plan

The team must work collaboratively to prioritize the list of activities towards achieving excellence in Collaborative Care. For the best success, it is recommended that teams limit their focus to two to three actions at one time.

There is a wide range of potential actions that teams may decide to undertake to improve their Collaborative Care. Some of the common activities are listed below with suggested resources (where available).

  • Team Education on Collaborative Care Competencies
  • Developing Team Accountability Agreements
  • Accountability in Action
  • Strengthening Collaborative Care Language in Site/Program Documentation for examples in job descriptions, performance management tools, job postings. (The region is presently developing Collaborative Care competency statements for inclusion in job descriptions – stay tuned!)
  • Improving team formal and informal communication processes including discharge rounds, interprofessional care conferences, staff meetings.
    Enhancing the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team.
    Acting as a site for interprofessional student clinical placements.