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Nurse Mentorship Program

Mentorship is a crucial aspect of nursing. When nurses transition from their formal education to real-life clinical experiences, they need guidance and support to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice. That’s where mentors come in! Experienced nurses can help novice nurses develop new skills, overcome obstacles, and integrate into the workplace effectively.

The Nurse Mentorship Program is a vital initiative that pairs newly graduated nurses with experienced mentors, providing a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes professional growth.

To learn more about the relationship between mentor and mentee, mentor incentives, or to review frequently asked questions, visit the Nurse Mentorship Program website.

Are you a newly graduated nurse looking to enhance your skills and develop your career?

Our Nurse Mentorship Program is here to help you! Our experienced mentors will help you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life clinical experiences, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles.

We are also looking for experienced and knowledgeable leaders!

If you are interested in supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals, consider joining the Nurse Mentorship Program as a mentor. Mentors have the unique opportunity to support the maturation of new nurses that demonstrate leadership potential.

Are you a manager with potential mentor and mentee candidates?

Managers play a key role in the development and implementation of the Nurse Mentorship Program.


If you have questions about the Nurse Mentorship Program, speak with your manager or contact Lesia Yasinski at lyasinski@wrha.mb.ca.