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Nurse Practitioner

According to the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba, a Registered Nurse (Extended Practice) or Nurse Practitioner has demonstrated a level of competence at an advanced level in four areas:

  • assessment and diagnosis of client health/illness status;
  • pharmaocotherapeutics and other therapeutic interventions in client care management;
  • population health and illness/injury prevention; and
  • professional responsibilities and accountabilities.

Registered Nurse, Extended Practice – RN(EP) or RN(NP)

Note: in Manitoba, the terms RN(EP) and RN(NP) are used interchangeably.

An RN on the extended practice register is an RN who has completed graduate level (masters) education in a program that focused on NP practice. It means that the RN has passed a national advanced practice exam. In addition to the health-care services an RN provides, an RN(NP) can independently prescribe medications, order, receive and manage the results of screening and diagnostic tests, and perform minor surgical and invasive procedures.

RN(NP)s declare the client population they work with and this is a result of the focus of their educational program (e.g. pediatrics only, adults only or all ages).

RN and RN(NP) Responsibilities

Entry-level competencies describe what is expected of entry-level RNs in order to provide safe, competent and ethical nursing care in a variety of practice settings. The competencies are used in the approval of nursing education programs leading to initial registration as an RN. The competencies also serve as a guide to curriculum development in entry level (undergraduate) nursing programs and inform the public and employers of the practice expectations of entry-level RNs.

View the Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and the Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses on the Extended Practice Register for more information.

Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba

There is currently one university offering a Master's education to nurses with a nurse practitioner focus: the University of Manitoba.

University of Manitoba

MN – Nurse Practitioner Stream

RN(EP)/NP Continuing Competence Requirement

Registered Nurse (extended practice) or Registered Nurse (nurse practitioner)

Registered Nurse (Authorized Prescriber)