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Specialty Nursing

Exciting opportunities exist for nurses in critical care, emergency and perioperative nursing. Specialty orientations will prepare you for these types of nursing roles. Depending on the specialty and program, you may either be able to earn as you learn or be hired into that specialty after finishing the orientation.

Advanced Nursing Practice

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) National Framework for Advanced Nursing Practice defines advanced practice nursing as an umbrella term describing a role that maximizes graduate education, in-depth nursing knowledge and clinical expertise to address health needs at an individual, family, community and population level. Two advanced practice nursing roles are recognized in Canada, the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and the nurse practitioner (NP) (CNA, 2008).  The Winnipeg Health Region has endorsed the Strong Model of Advanced Practice as the framework to guide and describe advanced practice nursing in all regional settings.


Learning Needs Assessment

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Critical Care Nursing Orientation Program

If working with the latest technology to treat critically ill patients in medical and surgical intensive care units sounds intriguing, you may want to consider Critical Care Nursing.

Emergency Nursing

If you remain calm while under pressure, thrive in a fast-paced environment and like to be challenged, emergency nursing may be the right fit for you.

Perioperative Nursing Orientation

The WRHA Surgery Program uses the AORN Periop 101 Didactic course to all new perioperative nurses. This program is an on-line, evidence-based, accredited course for nurses who are new operating room and provides the basic core principles of practice. 

The introduction of this course creates several benefits including:

  • Offering a standardized, accredited course targeted towards the adult learner
  • Continuously updated evidence-based content by AORN's team of Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Ongoing monitoring of module completion to identify the learner's progress, successes and opportunities for improvement
  • Comparable OR qualifications expected throughout other jurisdictions in Canada
  • Convenience of being able to enroll new hires immediately into the course.

Nursing Certifications in Canada

Nursing offers a number of different specialties and certifications. Winnipeg employs all nursing classes listed below. While, Registered Nurses currently make up the largest group within the Winnipeg Health Region there are other options available that may require a shorter, or longer, certification period. Please click on the links below for a better description of the different classes of nursing available in Winnipeg.

Clinical Education

The very nature of the nursing profession is evolution and continuous learning. While a nurse's initial education will prepare them with the knowledge to begin working with people, ongoing clinical education is a necessary component of a nurse's career to ensure awareness of the latest information that can help improve health outcomes.